Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning Electives

The following interdisciplinary courses offer a flexible way to gain practical experience while earning an elective credit toward your degree.

  • UNIV*2100 - Career Ready: Develop Your Future
    This course introduces students to career development theory and provides the practical knowledge required to succeed in the current and future world of work. Students will examine key concepts from career development theory and will engage in reflective and experiential learning activities aimed at preparing them for job search and the world of work. Within the context of career development, issues related to mental well-being, diversity, intercultural competencies, and the implications of disclosure and accommodation will be studied.
  • UNIV*2800 / UNIV*3800 / UNIV*4800 - Independent Research
    This course offers students in any program the opportunity to pursue credit for relevant research experience (paid or unpaid) with the addition of course assignments either during the research experience or in a following semester.
  • UNIV*3000 - Civic Engagement and Service Learning
    This course provides an opportunity for students to develop civic leadership skills and to connect your academic experience to community development. In addition to in-class course work, students volunteer approximately 30 hours on group projects with community organizations.
  • UNIV*3140 - Flexible Internship in Agri-Food
    A unique course designed for upper year students who are interested in exploring the agri-food industry while developing fundamental career-building skills.This course offers synchronous and asynchronous components components together with a forty (40) hour unpaid experiential learning opportunity (“Internship”) in the agri-food sector with government, industry, or civil society organizations.
  • ENVS*3330 - Flexible Environmental Internship
    A unique course designed for upper year students who are interested in exploring environmental industries while developing fundamental career-building skills. This course synchronous and asynchronous components together with a forty (40) hour unpaid experiential learning opportunity (“Internship”) in the environmental sector with government, industry, or civil society organizations.
  • IDEAS Congress (ICON) (various course codes including UNIV*4200)
    ICON aims to bring together undergraduate students of all levels (first year through fifth year) and programs to work in teams on real-world challenges. ICON harnesses the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing in a problem-solving and project-based learning environment. Through workshops, team building activities, and fostering of knowledge translation and transfer, ICON aims to teach students valuable interpersonal, team, and communication skills, while fostering innovative ideas for today’s most pressing challenges. ICON partners students and faculty at the University of Guelph, with a community group or business. The partnership introduces students to broad real-world challenges (e.g. food insecurity, green design, etc.), and provides students with access to expertise from across campus and from the community.
  • Certificate in Leadership
    A multidisciplinary, five-course program combining face-to-face and online courses. The program aims to prepare students to thrive in today's dynamic workplace and to serve their community by equipping them with the necessary leadership skills to make a difference. The program consists of two required courses and three elective courses, in addition to 120 hours of leadership experience. The program can be completed concurrently with many University of Guelph degrees and can be an excellent alternative to a minor.

Experience Profiles

  • Andrew was a highly engaged student at the University of Guelph. He worked as student staff on campus in Athletics, Admissions and Student Experience. In addition to this, he was a student leader, engaging in the Board of Governors, Student Senate, the Central Students Association, College of Arts Student Union and other organizations.